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Master Lander is a 2D physics driven landing game with a point gravity. You take on the role of rocket pilot with a mission to bring robotic passengers from orbital station to the surface of a moon. By controlling the thrust of two rocket engines you need to adjust your velocity in order to descend from the orbit and land softly cosmodrome landing pad. Watch your fuel, altitude and attitude as the stronger the impact, the less passengers will survive the landing.
You can't beat the gravity.
But you can master the art of landing!

This is only our first game so its far from being any good. We treat it as a demo of a concept we have. We are looking to get as much feedback as possible to decide on the direction we take next.

We already know of some of the issues and we fill obliged to warn you about them:

  • high level of difficulty
  • no learning curve
  • minimal tutorial
  • simplistic scoring system
  • lack of incentives such as different levels, leveling, upgrading etc.


ML_setup.exe 30 MB

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